Project Description


VCM Performance are a well-known reputable brand and automotive performance workshop that have been operating for over 26 years.

VCM Performance wanted to change the direction of their overall marketing, together with creating a fresh new look for their company.


We first produced a lifestyle video for VCM Performance during a popular key event in Australia: ‘Hot Tuner Challenge.’

After producing our first successful video and getting the results they wanted, we were engaged heavily with their marketing to help assist restructuring VCM Performance as a whole.

After a heavily structured media consultation we began re-branding the company by creating a new look; rolling out video content on all their products via VCM store and all their services through their workshop Auto Technique.

Combining all the services that we offer, we were able to grow VCM Performance in the direction they had envisioned.

We have been serving VCM Performance for over 4 years and still continue to create monthly video content for them including full social media management, monthly meetings and much more.

  • Video Production

  • Photography

  • Media Consultations

  • Content & Strategy Consultations

  • Social Media Marketing & Management

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