Project Description


Safari 4×4 Engineering is a popular 4WD engineering company that has been around for over 34 years.

Well known for their Safari aftermarket snorkels, Safari wanted to create more brand awareness to their various product ranges and display the benefits of using them alongside educating their viewers with a tech talk series.


After an in-depth media consultation, we established a list of videos Safari wanted to create.

We started producing videos based around their core products such as the Safari Snorkel and the release of their new product the Safari ARMAX ECU.

After a successful launch with the first roll out of videos created, we began to produce in-depth product videos including a tech talk series which consisted of multiple informative videos educating 4WD owners and enthusiasts, current customers and new customers the benefits of using Safari products.

We have been serving Safari 4×4 Engineering for over 3 years.

  • Video Production

  • Media Consultations

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